Creating the BEST Work From Home Experience 💻

By Matthew


As more and more people are working from home, we wanted to share some tips about how to design the best work-from-home experience — from creating a healthy and productive workstation to perfecting an outdoor oasis to recharge.

Research from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) shows that strategies like incorporating different ways of working (sitting vs standing, solo vs collaborative), integrating biophilic and natural elements, and encouraging movement throughout the day lead to a more productive and satisfying work experience, in addition to supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

We have solutions from Humanscale, Stylex, HBF, Room & Board Business InteriorsSpacestor and Poltrona Frau to make the home office more efficient and reinforce the benefits of getting outside. Check out more images HERE.


Room & Board’s Crescent Collection


Poltrona Frau’s
Zhuang Desk Accessories


Stylex’s F4


HBF’s Link Laptop Table for Small Spaces


Spacestor’s Palisades Luxe


Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco

Creating the Perfect Workstation
There are a number of key factors to look out for to ensure a workstation is functional and adaptable, as well as comfortable and healthy. In the business of making well-designed ergonomic tools for the workspace for over 35 years, Humanscale and its team of certified ergonomists has prepared a checklist to create a better workstation, fit for the home office. You’ll find the Humanscale checklist with healthy tips HERE, and some product recommendations from HumanscaleStylexHBFSpacestor and Poltrona Frau HERE.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis
When more and more people are staying at home in the interests of social distancing, it’s important to remember to spend some time outside and soak in some vitamin D from the sun. It’s proven that spending time outside can boost the immune system and reduce stress. You can find the entire new and colorful outdoor collection from Room & Board Business Interiors HERE.

Let us know if you’re interested in more tips and tricks for creating the perfect work-from-home space. We’d love to connect you with Humanscale’s VP of Consulting and certified ergonomist, Jonathan Puleio, who can share advice and recommendations to ensure home workstations are healthy and comfortable.

With Covid-19 so many staff now work from home too so some good work monitoring software is very much needed and that’s the best we have seen so far, and we’ve tried a few.

We wish you well and hope you are staying safe and healthy.

#DesignStandsTogether: Novità Launches Social Campaign to Support Italy, Raise Awareness and Inspire Solidarity

By Matthew


In light of the devastating global effects due to the quickly spreading novel Coronavirus, Novità PR has decided to launch an ongoing social media campaign #DesignStandsTogether and #OneWithItaly in order to bolster spirits in this pivotal global moment. With the entire country of Italy on lockdown and many countries not far behind, much of business and life as usual has been seriously disrupted, yet the design community will not be brought to a halt. As a company that was founded in the support of Italian made products, Novità has found it very difficult to see so many of its friends and colleagues under such duress, and while everyone is suffering in these uncertain times, Novità thinks it is important to leverage social media to raise awareness and cheer the design industry – while showing their solidarity and hopes for a quick return to normalcy in our business and personal lives.



Using the hashtags #DesignStandsTogether and #OneWithItaly alongside a new graphic identity designed by Novità’s creative partners at Maiarelli Studio, the company hopes this initiative will encourage the design community and all design and Italy-lovers to share images of places, people, products and even lifestyle moments that make our globally connected and dynamic design industry what it is today.


See some initial posts below…


You can read the full release here and access the campaign’s graphics here


Register Online for the NY Now Retail Renaissance 2020

By Matthew


The NY Now Retail Renaissance is the largest market to source for design products. With over 35 product categories and a diverse range of sections, including handmade, artisan, wellness and more, NY Now guarantees you won’t miss a single opportunity to find your next best sellers. The market features fun events, educational sessions, fashion runways and so much more! The market will have over 2,300+ companies with full wholesale collections and hundreds of product launches. This year it will take place between February 1 and February 5 at the Javits Center in New York City. Information on hours of operation and event schedules can be found online and product updates can be followed on their Instagram page. We included a sneak peek of some of the products you will see at this year’s Winter Market.

Ameico has been a design importer distributor for over 20 years with products from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia, UK, France and Japan!


Middle Kingdom Porcelain (MK for short) takes typical Chinese porcelain traditions and artistry and expands its products for modern audiences!


Vietri is an Italian based company that celebrates the act of sharing a meal with family and friends through authentic, Italian-inspired glazes, and textures in kitchenware!


NY Now is active on their Instagram for this year’s event and be sure to follow along with the #NYNow2020, with updates from the artisans themselves and even some previews into what products that will be on display!


Register online today to display your products and all ticketing information can be found on their website. Follow this link for registering/ticket information!

5 Museum Exhibits That Should Be On Your Radar For 2020!

By Matthew


How often does that “productive” relaxation day you planned for yourself turn into a lazy day of doing nothing? Design-lovers, it’s time to get out of the house and gain some inspiration by viewing some spectacular art. Here are five international museum exhibits that should be on your radar for 2020. Before some of these exhibits hit the road, grab your nicest lounge wear and a cup of coffee and head on over to the closest museum near you!

  1. National Palace Museum, Taiwan – Spotlight on National Treasures

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan has a consistent exhibition newsletter that updates its followers on exhibits that are coming and going. Most recently, visitors have a special chance to view the Spotlight on National Treasures that will be available to visit until April 23. If you don’t have time to visit don’t fret, the museum only switches out two works for each cycle. The goal of this spotlight is to reinforce the importance of conserving cultural heritage for appreciation of future generations.


2. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam – In the Picture

At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, In the Picture, is set to open February 21, 2020 and will remain until May 24, 2020. This exhibition uses self-portraits painted by 19th century painters as a means of interpreting stories about identity and image. The collection uses 75 portraits by artists including Van Gogh, Gustave Courbet, Edvard Munch and more!


3. The Louvre, France – Remarkable Enigmas

The Louvre in France has been among the most renowned museums in the world for decades. The museum has its own unique collections in addition to a cycle of exhibits brought in each year. Among their permanent thematic selections of artworks, one to recommend is the collection titled Remarkable Enigmas. The pieces are located throughout the museum categorized with the time the piece is from. This series is very thought-provoking and features artworks that hold its own secrets or are enigmatic for curators. It will have you wondering, “what was the purpose of these objects?”


4. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. – American Surreal: Arshile Gory and Nathan Lerner

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC has many ongoing collections. One exhibit to keep on your radar is American Surreal: Arshile Gorky and Nathan Lerner which has been on display since July 31, 2019. Arshile Gorky, a painter, and Nathan Lerner, a photographer, never met in person but were still able to share an innate attraction towards the various styles of surrealism. This collection features rotating installations by American artists from the first half of the 20th century.


5. Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Chile – Victor Mahana: When I Woke Up There Was No One

The last exhibit spotlight goes to Victor Mahana’s series at the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes in Chile. The newer artist has had his painting series on display since its reveal in 2013. His focus on figurative painting allows him to depict places never seen before, yet familiar. He refers to this framework as “psychic” painting.

Preview of the Hundreds of Brands Set to Display Their Products at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2020!

By Matthew


This year’s 19th annual Architectural Digest Design Show is taking place at Pier 94 in New York City from March 19 to March 22. Over 400 brands and today’s top talent are coming together to present innovative and inspiring designs. Thousands of products are offered to shop and source including furniture, accessories, lighting, art, kitchen, bath and more! Featured areas of the show will include: 


REFRESH, collections of kitchen, bath, luxury appliances and building products

FURNISH, collections of furniture, lighting, carpets, decorative accessories, etc.

MADE, collections of limited-edition or one-of-a-kid pieces

SHOPS, collection of gifts, decor and more for immediate purchase

And AD PENTHOUSE, which in honor of 100 years of AD, will showcase “the past, present, and the future of great design.” 


Here is a sneak peak of a few artists/engineers/innovators/brands that will be exhibiting this year. Look at more architectural designs and even hire an expert at Design Show (

Abby Modell (Booth 113) is a glass artist who focuses on transparencies and refracted light. She incorporates various techniques including mirroring of glass, hand application, fire polishing of glass and more. She has previously had her work exhibited at multiple fine art fairs and galleries and introduces her new “Galaxy Collection” this year at the AD Design Show. She showcases her designs and skills on her Instagram and works with custom designs as well in wall installations and sculptures.


Jamie Harris (Booth M321) is another glass artist in designer who lives in New York City. He works in sculpture design, custom lighting, has a studio line and more. All of his works can be found on his website and progress updates on his Instagram. Each design is unique as he adds a sense of color and a fluid organic form to his works. His main focus is color, vibrant color, along with how each material absorbs the color hues he is working with.


Simon Johns (Booth M209) creates limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting from his home in Southern Quebec, Canada. His work is the end result of his perspective of the natural world, with underlying hopes of an evocation of emotion in the viewer. His Instagram bio labels himself as a “designer of furniture and furniture-like things.” Each piece has its own story explained on his website, and takes on its own personality because of it. Simon Johns’ ultimate goal is to develop a connection with the consumer who purchases his products.


Fisher & Paykel (Booth 189) has been designing products since 1934, and has sold products in more than 50 countries worldwide. They began in New Zealand with Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher and they haven’t stopped since. Their brand consists of five design categories which include: Professional, Integrated, Contemporary, Minimal and Classic. New introductions include the 48” Dual Fuel Professional Range and the 24” Integrated Wine Column. These advancements will soon be available to the public, so be on the lookout for any announcements on their website or social media accounts!


Likeminded Objects (Booth M202) is the creative studio of artist/interior designer Elise McMahon. This creative studio has collections of LMO Furniture, Lighting and Objects, all available for purchase. For more information, check out their website! Elise and her art has been mentioned in big brands including bon appetit, The New York Times and more. Alongside her affinity with creating objects and artworks to sell, McMahon also has Like-Minded Projects which are collaborative events and exhibitions that urge for inclusivity in local communities. To follow Elise’s journey or to just admire her artistic progress, be sure to check out her Instagram!


Global Lighting (Booth 114) is a provider of internationally sourced decorative and architectural light fixtures. Global Lighting partners with big-name brands, such as Philips, and uses advanced technologies from companies like Lutron. They are a New York based company who has a long history as a purveyor and manufacturer of lighting sources from top global designers. They advocate for New Localism on their website and post frequent updates on their latest advancements, influences, and product placements on their Instagram! They feature three updated collections online including Hind Rabii, Stratos and Ethos.


True Residential (Booth 268) is a division of True Manufacturing Company. They specialize in refrigeration for the home and this series includes wine cabinets, refrigerators, beverage centers, refrigerator drawers, freezers, beer dispensers and clear ice machines. As a company, they pledge to reduce their carbon footprint in order to minimize their environmental aspect. Read the True story on their website!


Zal Divecha (Booth M821) is an artist based in San Francisco who works with paper. She folds, pleats and rolls the material in order to create patterns of light and shadow. She explains on her website that she typically attempts to balance geometric and organic elements in a work and in the past few years she has decided to limit her work to an all-white color palette. Divecha explains, “I aim to create work that makes people feel centered, quiet, and focused. I want my work to feel like a respite from an overstimulating world.”


ETAMORPH (M620) is a design and fabrication company, based in New York City with a manufacturing network in Italy and the United States. On their website they back up their connection with Italy in saying that “Italy is the cradle of craftsmanship.” ETAMORPH works to offer a manufacturing service based on possibility and flexibility. They feature their coffee and dining tables as well as T Shelving and a custom design project with Murray’s Chelsea. Be sure to follow their progress on their Instagram where they post pictures of the quarries in Italy alongside product updates!


Basalte (Booth 218), a Belgian technology specializes in design products for the intelligent home. Basalte’s goal is to keep technological control in the home simple, intuitive and elegant. Coinciding with this goal, Basalte has developed the Sentido and Deseo keypads for home automation. Sentido is a reinvention of the light switch, while Deseo controls HVAC systems in the home. Both keypads come in a variety of finishes and collections, with the idea of fitting in to any style of home. Check out other concept developments and technologies on their website!


Be sure to check out all of these brands during the ADD event, or any of the other 350+ brands! Don’t be too overwhelmed by the number of companies, booths, events, etc. Head over to the Architectural Digest website and keep up with them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all of the brands exhibiting. Most importantly enjoy your time at the event and post lots of photos tagging the exhibitors, AD Design Show, and using the hashtag #ADDesignShow!

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) Highlights

By Matthew


The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), January 21-23, is the largest trade show in North America, where each year over 600 leading brands come together to showcase new designs and innovations.  with the opportunity for both attendees and exhibitors to network, exchange ideas and build upon their businesses. Located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, KBIS is not only a learning opportunity but also a platform for both attendees and exhibitors to network, exchange ideas and build upon their businesses alongside one another.  Attendees include people from all trades: architects, dealers, hardware professionals and more. In conjunction with the business advancement aspect, events and concerts add a fun flair to the schedule, with big acts like The Doobie Brothers. While all exhibitors presented spectacular products, we wanted to provide a brief spotlight on some of our favorites:

Kick-off party in Las Vegas on January 20th. Posted on KBIS Instagram. @kbis_official

These products as well as the Sorrento, Amalfi, Verona and Positano Lines are a part of their Murano Collection which will be available in March of this year.  

Sorrento | Bianco Series Sorrento is also available in the Abalone and Beachcomber Series. Native Trails

Labelled as “The World’s Most Advanced Drinking Water System,” Zip Water was founded in 1947, but was just recently acquired, in 2017, by Culligan International, allowing the company to expand into the North America market. Zip Water prides themselves on the HydroTap, their filtration system that removes taste, odor, dirt, contaminants and heavy metals, as well as up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts from tap water. The company is unrivaled in instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps and demonstrated their success at the show this week. The HydroTap comes in four basic formats, with the Classic Style in particular having an adaptation for both the home and the office. Customers have the ability to select the type of water they would like from the faucet which could be any combination of boiling, chilled and sparkling for select models. Spotlighting a specific model, the HydroTap Cube BCS For Home (pictured below) comes in seven different finishes and even includes a child safety lock.

Fisher & Paykel were also among the brands who showcased new styles, innovations and advancements within their company. Having been designing products since 1934, Fisher and Paykel have sold products in more than 50 countries worldwide. They began in New Zealand with Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher and they haven’t stopped since. Their brand consists of five design categories which include: Professional, Integrated, Contemporary, Minimal and Classic. New introductions include the 48” Dual Fuel Professional Range, the 24” Integrated Wine Column, the 30” Wall Oven and the DCS Power Burner. Each new development invites its user into a new domain for cooking. Whether it is the Professional Range varying the number of burners or The Integrated Column Wine Cabinet offering a 91 bottle capacity, Fisher & Paykel are not slowing down to the increasingly industrialized world. These advancements will soon be available to the public, so be on the lookout for any announcements on their website or social media accounts!

Alongside new appliances and technologies, Fisher & Paykel also brought back their Social Kitchen feature at KBIS. Those who visited their booth were invited to try four signature tastes from New Zealand which included: Kawakawa tea, toasted Manuka honey marshmallows, Noble Riesling sherbert and gold kiwifruit syrup served over shaved ice.

The final shoutout in our KBIS highlights is from NATUFIA, the innovators behind the Hydroponic Home Kitchen Garden, in their effort to promote healthy and sustainable living. NATUFIA’s team consists of technologists, architects, botanists and chefs, who in a united effort, advocate for families to have the the ability to grow their own produce right in their own homes. NATUFIA sells their Demeter seeds online and emphasizes the absence of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in their products. The Hydroponic Garden holds 32 pods and is built from high-grade stainless steel and ceramics. All of their seeds are non-GMO and certified organic, ranging from basil to lemongrass and lavender to thyme. The garden waters itself and controls pH levels to ensure optimal health for the plants. NATUFIA announced at the end of last year on their Instagram that they have a new partnership with the Four Seasons Kitchens in Leeds, UK.

The WHIT Kitchen in Lake Nona, Orlando FL Wellness Home on Innovation & Technology featuring the first NATUFIA Kitchen Garden in the USA (

After spending either an hour or the entire three days at KBIS, every attendee can agree that at least one booth snagged his/her attention, since there are different designs of kitchens, and if you are buying an induction hob then you also need to review the best induction hobs as there are so many choices and standards differ so much that it’s crucial that you research the best before buying.. Be sure to follow your favorite companies/brands/products on their social media accounts, or maybe even subscribe to a newsletter on their website. Networking connections don’t need to end at the close of KBIS, in fact, that is where they begin!

The Guide to Polish Design: Retracing 100 Years of History, Design & Culture

By Matthew


Guide to Polish Design_1240x800

As we get ready to dive into another decade of design achievements, innovations and trends, we wanted to take a look back at one of our favorite design launches of the past year: the groundbreaking Guide to Polish Design. Curated by design historian and critic Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, and organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, it retraces the past one hundred years of Polish design history through a meticulous selection of rare images and videos, many of which can now be seen by an international audience for the first time.

An interactive digital project, the guide is the first of its kind, allowing the online world to experience the very best that the past century of Polish design has to offer. A living archive, the guide features rare and valuable images highlighting more than 100 objects from 90 celebrated Polish designers. It represents a historic initiative for the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as it leverages for the first time an exclusively digital platform to extend its reach to new audiences eager to discover the country’s rich design heritage. Having the power to gain a widespread international audience, this guide provides everyone the opportunity to embrace and interact with the stories, objects and experiences that have shaped Poland.

Girl figurinesBambinovasesR58 chair

(From left to right: Girl Sitting Figurines designed by Henryk Jędrasiak, 1958, produced by Ćmielów Porcelain Factory; Bambino Gramophone designed by Bogdan Ciesielski, Bernard Kowalski, and Jerzy Radwański, 1963, produced by Łodz Radio Factory; CALLA LILY Vases designed by Jan Sylwester Drost, 1970s, produced by Zabkowice Glass Works; RM58 Armchairs designed by Roman Modzelewski, 1958, produced by VZÓR in 2012).

This digital compendium is divided into eight different chapters, each exploring the stories behind the designs, the biographies of their designers, and taking a closer look at selected objects, offering a glance into how past histories have permeated into everyday objects we encounter and use every single day.

Clockschairfroggyflower vases

(From left to right: Z-312 Mantel Clock, 1970s, produced by the Predom Metron Factory in Toruń; Feathers chair by Jan Jurzatkowski, 1936, ŁAD Artist’ Co-Operative, Photo by Michał Korta, National Museum in Warsaw; Żabka (Froggy) Toy, designed by Małgorzata and Wojciech Małolepszy, 1987, produced by Studio MP; A goblet and cup, model no. 1761, designed by Michał Titkow, produced by the J. Stolle Niemen Glassworks Joint Stock Company, 1930s, Photo by Michał Korta).

Every detail and aspect of the guide was carefully and meticulously planned by Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Bright Media, an award-winning Polish agency. As readers explore the site they are accompanied by melodic ballads composed by Wojtek Oleksiak, a Polish musician, adding yet another layer of Polish culture and excellence to an already intriguing work of art.


(Zakopane in winter- view from Gubalówka mountain. Photograph: T & S Zwoliński, 1938, courtesy of Tatra Museum in Zakopane).

The beginning of the guide reveals a moment after the first world war in which modern Polish culture and design were starting to take shape. Artists and designers sought inspiration in their new freedoms and shared experiences, transforming Polish visual identity through their crafts. The Zakopane style was one such expression that was born from this movement. Considered to be the winter capital of Poland, Zakopane appears fairytale-esque. It quickly became an escape for artists, writers and musicians from the city, who would travel to Zakopane to get a breath of fresh air, rest and ignite their new capacity for innovation. Created for the “city slickers” who fell in love with a small village-turned-sanctuary, the Zakopane style illuminated Polish culture and kindled a creative spark that would grow over the next century. Just one of many stories illustrated through this digital tour through time, the story of the emergence of the Zakopane style serves as an origin story for everything else that follows, from the runaway success of the RM58 Classic chair by Roman Modzielewski in the 1950s to the head-turning works of Oskar Zieta today.

willa pod willa pod 2

(The Willa pod Jedlami (House under the Firs), photo by SelectStar, First model House entirely designed in the Zakopane Style- inside and out, completed in 1903).

The masterful creation of this guide brings to light aspects of Polish history that are largely undiscovered in the rest of the world. It reveals the power of design as an expression of culture. The designs featured in the Guide to Polish Design have shaped Poland’s past and now its present as they live on through this trailblazing digital tome, an absolute must-scroll.


Migrant Garden

By barbara


Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 15.16.46

Migrant Garden is an innovative project from garden design Melbourne born from the interest and concern for the delicate ecosystem that lives on De Pinedo island, on the River Po. In this wildlife site, which includes also a large area of scrub along the river, many rare species of migrant birds come to nest.

Following several invasive procedures, such as the progressive deforestation of the area, the habitat of these rare species has been put at risk even by forcing some birds to migrate to other (urban) places.

Migrant Garden will participate at Lake Como Design Fair 2019, a unique event which will bring together architecture and design lovers in Como city between September 20-22, this year dedicated to the color theme curated by Andreas Kofler and Margherita Ratti.

It will be presented a brand-new installation of eight bird houses by Beniamino Servino, Camilo Rebelo, Fala Atelier, Gonzalo del Val, Mobo Architects, Perry Kulper, Purini Thermes and Rudy Ricciotti and a gallery of works of art made by all the forty invited designers. During the three days the exposed objects, including the works of art and the exhibition catalogue, will be sold.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 15.02.47

On October 14th Migrant Garden will launch, an online platform selling all the bird houses, which revenues will be donated to a charity organization.

A Night with True Residential and Vanessa Deleon

By Michelle


Interior designer Vanessa Deleon of Vanessa Deleon Associates, an award-winning interior design firm based in NYC, hosted a party at her NJ home in collaboration with True Residential. As an ambassador for True, Vanessa’s home (including her stunning rooftop area) is decked out with an assortment of True refrigeration options—from indoor/outdoor undercounter units to 30” Dual Zone Wine Columns and more.


As coordinators for the event, the Novità team headed over to the party along with an impressive guest list of fantastic local designers, influencers, media, and other movers and shakers in the design world. Guests arriving from Manhattan were treated to a scenic ride across the Hudson river thanks to NY Waterway. Upon arriving at Vanessa’s home, guests were greeted with the smooth sounds of Acute Inflections, who strategically dressed in black and copper to match the kitchen’s True Residential custom refrigerator and general motif; they even prepared songs related to True refrigerators for an extra special touch! Everyone mixed and mingled before Steve Trulaske, CEO and grandson of True Residential’s founder, talked a bit about what makes the company so special. A family-owned American brand since 1945, Trulaske celebrated the company’s beginnings, its American-made products, and a long history of craftsmanship. Vanessa shared her positive experience with the company and its products, not only as an ambassador but as one very happy customer.


Vanessa followed up her speech with a floor-by-floor tour of her home, concluding at the fabulous rooftop where there was a sizable pool area with a mermaid lounging in the hot tub. The views from the rooftop of the city and the water made it the perfect setting for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. There were even more True appliances on the rooftop, impressing guests with two of True’s Dual Zone 30” Wine Columns in stainless steel with brass hardware prominently on display. Another big hit of the night was the Matte Black True 48 Fridge with copper hardware in Vanessa’s kitchen. The design of the kitchen seemed to be an extension of her matte black and copper True fridge. The unit’s customized color palette was carried out throughout the rest of the kitchen.



Talent runs in the family: Vanessa’s husband, Bobby Bournias, chef and owner of Brownstone Pancake Factory in Edgewater, NJ, took on the task of catering the night. Waiters passed a large selection of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Crowd favorites included a dish of braised short rib over polenta and of course, the mini apple pies! To end the night, Vanessa revealed some customized cake pops featuring an exact mini replica of her True Matte Black and Copper True 48” Fridge.


Photo courtesy of Crystal Ann Interiors

Some of the guests that attended the party with True ranged from interior designers and influencers to refrigeration industry experts and lovers. House Tipster even attended and filmed a recap of the event.


The interior designers that attended were David Santiago of Casa Santi Interior Design, Nicholas Moriarty of Nicholas Moriarty Interiors, Linda Wagner of Barrett Wagner Interior Design, John Douglas Eason of John Douglas Eason Interior Design, Holly George of Holly George Interior Design, Miriam Makram, Tim Roman of Imperial Kitchen & Bath, Diana Mosher of Diana Mosher Associates, and Crystal Ann of Crystal Ann Interiors.

Also in attendance were a variety of lifestyle and design influencers including Shauna Neely of Shauna’s Stage, Kate Rumson of The Real Houses of Instagram, and Crystal Ann of Crystal Ann Interiors.

This event was, however, not exclusive to those in the interior design industry. Ricardo Monge, artist and founder of Monge Art, also attended as well as Mike Asquith, project manager at ECS Homes. LuAnn Nigara, the voice behind A Well-Designed Business podcast, was also in attendance. Thomas Wolosik and Wendy Lien of House Tipster not only filmed the event but enjoyed the company of fellow design aficionados.


8 Worldwide Design Events to Have on Your Radar This Summer

By Michelle


With summer in full swing, many of us are taking some much needed time off—but as we all know—the design world never sleeps!  We’ve rounded up some of the summer’s biggest design shows around the world to have on your radar. We’ve also included pertinent Instagram handles and hashtags so you can keep up on the latest trends from the shows!

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo (July 17-19)
In just a few short weeks, an international trade show for consumer goods called Interior Lifestyle Tokyo will take place at Tokyo Big Sight. In past years, this event has welcomed more than 30,000 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors. Inspired by the corner shops found in the UK, this year’s layout mimics the flow of these stores found on street corners. There will be tables and chairs in the center to encourage meetings and conversation among visitors and exhibitors alike. This means everyone will get as much interaction out of their visit as possible.

@interiorlifestyletokyo #interiorlifestyletokyo

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 3.50.58 PM


Decor + Design Show Melbourne (July 18-21)

Rightfully established as Australia’s top interior design event, Decor + Design Show Melbourne is celebrating its 15th annual show this summer– or winter if you’re in Australia. One of the event’s most famous features is VIVID, Australia’s longest running design competition. Categories include color, furniture design, lighting design, and concept design. In addition to some friendly competition, the design show also allows visitors to walk around the exhibit and hosts seminars for visitors looking for more information.

@decordesignshow #decordesignshow


decor and design show melbourne


100% Design South Africa (August 7-11)

100% Design South Africa is a contemporary interior design exhibition at the Gallagher Convention Center in Midrand, South Africa. It is Africa’s largest exhibition of contemporary high-end design and South Africa’s only international design show. This event is your only chance to check out designs from global brands in-person in South Africa. Since it focuses on residential, hospitality, and commercial design, there is something for everyone in all design sectors.

@100percentdesignsa #100percentdesignsa

100% design south africa


NY NOW (August 11-14)

If you’re looking for a stateside event, consider NY NOW. Visitors get the chance to see brands launch new products while fellow exhibitors can check out their competition for inspiration. Conveniently located in one of the world’s design capitals, feel inspired by New York City’s creativity while browsing the aisles for on-trend and innovative products. There is even a helpful app to plan out and schedule your visit to ensure you get the most out of your time at the market.

@ny_now #NYNOW


ny now


Las Vegas Market (July 28- August 1)

With an emphasis on home furnishings and gifts, Las Vegas Market features over 4,300 brands for visitors to check out. Despite the extensive amount of brands and products, Las Vegas Market prides itself on how easy it is to navigate to avoid feeling overwhelmed. There is also an app for this market that can be found in the app store to make sure you have an enjoyable and informative experience without the stress of scheduling.

@lasvegasmarket #LVMkt

las vegas market


Helsinki Design Week (September 5-9)

Last year’s Helsinki Design Week welcomed 170,000 visitors from around the world to celebrate design and the city’s culture. The events are spread out at various locations around the city giving visitors the opportunity to explore Finland’s capital city while browsing designers’ latest designs. This year, Children’s Design Week will take place at the same time. This means you don’t have to leave your kids at home. Instead, you and your kids can enjoy your respective design events. With over 200 events every year, the festival is perfect for the general public and professionals alike. It is unique for a design event of this size to also be catered to the general public. 

@helsinkidesignweek #helsinkidesignweek #hdw2019


helsinki design week


Paris Design Week (September 5-14)

For years, this design experience has created a celebration of design in the heart of Paris. This September, visitors from around the world will come together at the ninth annual Paris Design Week to discover what top designers have been busy creating the past year. A unique feature of this event is how it is complete with debates and installations for visitors who want to elevate their experience that much more.

@parisdesignweek #PDW19 #ParisDesignWeek


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London Design Festival (September 14-22)

In 2018, this design festival in historic yet on-trend London was visited by over half a million design enthusiasts to celebrate its city’s creativity. The most crowd-drawing aspect is its annual Landmark Project where the best designers, artists, and architects from around the world join to create something together. Designed by British designer Paul Cocksedge, this year’s Landmark Project is titled Please Be Seated. This must-see large-scale piece features curves for people to sit on while they admire its architectural design.

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london design festival


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