City Magazine’s Big 5-0 Party

By danielle


City Magazine hosted a soiree in the Soho Grand Hotel garden last night to celebrate its 50th issue. If you haven’t stopped by the outdoor space at the Soho Grand yet this summer, we highly reccommend it! We previewed advance copies, sipped Grey Goose cocktails and celebrated the super stylish magazine that we all love…. looking forward to #100!


Hanna Åström and Peter “Blue” Zusman from Le Book

Man of the moment, photographer Konstantino Hatzisarros (whose
work will be on the cover of City next month) and City
Magazine’s C.O.O. Fabrice Frere

City’s guest editor of the ‘art issue’, Bill Powers and design dynamo
Jim Walrod, consultant with NDSM Design.

Our perennially stylish friend Tommy Selah, creative director of the
Grand Hotels and his friend Sabasitan.

Enjoying sweet NYC, we ran into Sophia Kalantiz form SUITE New York,
Angela Liarikos from David Howell Design and friend.

Hamish Robertson and Alex Garinger from City Magazine

The artist Delia Brown… Check out her work in the new City Mag.

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