domino rocks

By danielle


The glowing tented entrance to the Skylight Studio set the mood for last night’s domino bazaar grand opening celebration. We walked in and were immediately handed a large (and I mean large) organic bag to hold our future purchases
(ps it is also perfect for the beach or for laundry). Then we were off and running. The lofty space was divided by themes like art gallery, kitchen (where I chowed down on about 100, give or take, of the most amazing rosemary flat-bread crackers), lounge and marketplace to name a few. Between my colleagues and I, I think we bought something from every section. In all, it’s a well curated cash-and-carry exhibition of great design that is not to be missed. The bazaar runs through October 14.


Meghan Fell and Mariana Walsh from Merkley + Partners enjoy a glass of wine and a bag full of goodies.

From left to right: David Ries and Gray Davis of Meyer Davis, Design-Calendar’s Danielle De Vita and Dania Ahmad and Deb Wilk, Senior Editor of Interior Design

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