GRACIE – Private Studio Tour

By danielle


Gracie hosted a top-notch editor’s event on Thursday evening that included a private tour of their design studio. Gracie is a fourth generation family owned and operated company that is tantamount to luxury. The specially selected editors received a handpainted invitation and were treated to Asian inspired delights by Serena Bass – I experienced my first (and second) lychee sakitini. Gracie is renowned for their handpainted Chinoiserie wallpapers and natural cashew-lacquer furnishings. It was a thrill to see the artists in the studio actually painting the custom Chinese scenics in the centuries-old tradition. I had seen these intricate wallpapers on their website prior to the event, but nothing prepared me for the beauty of seeing them in person!

The Gracie Boy’s (clockwise) President, Mike Gracie; CEO, Brian Gracie;
Jay Hupp (infront of his Hermes inspired wallpaper) and Daniel Waren

1. Design Calendar’s Molly Greene and the talented Serena Bass
2. Super fab design writer Jen Renzi 3. Shelter Magazine’s Arianne Nardo
4. Domino Magazine’s delightful Ruth Altchek & Metropolis Magazine’s Editorial Director Paul Makovsky 5. The newest Novità member Laura Lorenzetti & ARTNews Magazine’s Mike McWilliams 6. Gracie artist, Zheng Xing Huang at work on a custom mural.

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