23rd Annual Interior Design Hall of Fame Awards Dinner

By danielle


Let me begin by saying that last night’s acceptance speeches were so heartfelt and kind, it made us all so proud to be in this wonderful industry. We heard from Hall of Fame inductees Francine Monaco and Carl D’Aquino of D’Aquino Monaco (she’s the architect, he’s the designer!) Carl told us that he first knew he wanted to be a designer when his parents gave him a typewriter. Seems ironic, but he said that he loved the stitching on the case and the grey color of the keys. As we all know, color is so important to their work. Todd De Garmo said it was thanks to his loving partner of 21 years that he made the move to Washington, DC and joined Studios Architecture in 1989. Now he is a CEO of this internationally respected design practice. The one-and-only Murray Moss of moss also paid tribute to his partner (and if I dare say, look-alike) Franklin. Last but not least, Ingo Maurer took the stage and gave a very emotional speech. He expressed his gratitude to his wife and praised his favorite material – Light!

The outfits were great, the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria was so exquisite and the time spent with 1500 friends was the perfect way to kick-off the holiday season. I heard many people reiterate that the Interior Design Hall of Fame dinner is one of their favorite nights of the year. We certainly cannot disagree. Congratulations to Cindy Allen (who looked fab as always) and the staff at Interior Design for outdoing themselves every year.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Top Left: Susan Lobel, formerly of Interior Design; Paul Godwin, Paul Godwin Photography; Christine Abbate, Novità Communications; David Ling, David Ling Architect and Mike Gracie, Gracie
Top Right: Helene Oberman, Interior Design and Dania Ahmad, Novità Communications
Lower Left: Alex Kirkman, Veeder + Perman; Linda Pelletier, Landmark MetalCoat; Eva Baran, Veeder + Perman; Paige Cardwell, NTP and Carol Vanderkloot, Veeder + Perman
Lower Right: Newly inducted Hall of Famers: Carl D’Aquino and Francine Monaco, D’Aquino Monaco
Bottom Left: Cindy Allen, Interior Design and Christine Abbate, Novità Communications
Bottom Right: Hall of Fame inductees of past and present

Over 1500 guests turned out to celebrate a night of Top Design.

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