Interior Design’s BoYA

By danielle


And the Best of Year Award goes to….

On Wednesday, we honored those who were inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. Last night, it was time to celebrate our industry’s top products and projects. Congratulations to all who were nominated and cheers to the winners! Click here for a complete list.

In Pictures:
Top to Bottom, Right to Left:
1. Angela Bulloch’s LED-installation “Firmamental Night Sky: Oculus 12″ – part of “theanyspacewhatever” exhibition on display at the Guggenheim.
2. The reason we all came to celebrate!
3. Proud recipients Laura Romanoff and Tracy Sherman show off their BoYA. Maya Romanoff took home the Residential Wall Coverings award for its Sunburst collection.
4. Jordan Mozer shares his firm’s Best of Year Award with Interior Design’s Deborah Wilk.
5. What a turnout!
6. The queen of the show – Cindy Allen
7. Say Cheese! Susan Lobel, Annie Block and Chris Abbate were all smiles.
8. Jordan Mozer and Jeff Carloss received the award for their stunning makeover of the Renaissance Hotel in NY.
9. Karen Donaghy and Carol Cisco from Interior Design. So Carol, do blonds really have more fun?

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