Architecture at the Oscars

By dania


And the Oscar Goes To…David Rockwell, for his role as production designer of the 81st Academy Awards.  Particularly fitting, since he was also the designer of the Kodak Theatre.

Rockwell was the first architect to be bestowed with the task of setting the stage for the Hollywood’s premier event and aimed to change the entire look and feel of the setting.  We think he succeeded beautifully!

His skill for creating over-the-top, glamorous spaces filled with eye-candy was seen throughout the design.  Brangelina and their fellow nominees glittered under a proscenium curtain made up of nearly 100,000 crystals.  Rockwell created a more intimate setting than seen in past years by incorporating a mini-stage that jutted into the audience and an onstage bandstand. The stage was surrounded by a circle of cascading white lights and flanked by enormous chandeliers; and strategically placed LED screens moved, transformed and reconfigured to fit the multiple sequences.  



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