retaildetail Recap

By hawley


For those of you who missed it (or just our fellow design-obsessed), Design-Calendar is recapping the highlights of the retaildetail exhibition with Seven Continents by nakaoka/roberts.

The six week long exhibition was held at the Bridge Architecture and Design Gallery in the LES, the perfect space to showcase these romantic, contemporary pieces. The products are a first for well-known store designers Christine Nakaoka and Norman Roberts. New pieces on display included mirrors, chandeliers and shelving systems that can be used in retail or home. nakaoka/roberts developed the line to be functional for retail spaces but to embody its artistic intent — the result being fashionable and dramatic. Toronto based Seven Continents manufactured the products shown. The company specializes in innovative and custom furniture, mannequins, accessories and more. Be sure to check out the nakaoka/roberts website for more examples of their great interior design work.


The retaildetail exhibition space


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