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By hawley


The jury has decided and the winners of the IESNYC 2009 “Audible Light” Student Design Competition have been announced. Students from many related disciplines including lighting, architecture, interior design, art, product design, etc., participated in the competition. Participants were required to create a lighting work that was able to express a certain sound without actually using an auditory component. With fifty-five original entries, choosing a winner was a tough call.

The first place award of $3,000 cash and a trip to the Professional Lighting Designer’s Association (PLDA) sponsored workshop in Europe went to Hye Yeun Lee of Parsons for her “Subway Sound”. An interior design student, her project was inspired by her daily subway ride, resulting in a work that captures the subway experience of speeding lights and screeching trains.

The second place award of $1500 went to Parsons School of Design’s Ching-Yu Lin for his lighting project “Hey! It’s a Party”, an interactive lighting design that looks like turntable. The Lighting Design student’s project responds to touch if you spin the records, resulting in light patterns that mimic rhythm and music.

Team duo Young Taek Oh and Sukmo Koo, an Interactive Telecommunications major at NYU and Industrial Design student at Pratt Institute, respectively, claimed the third place award of $1000. Their project was entitled “Make It Rain-Rain Box”, designed to imitate the sound of raindrops with light. Honorable mentions and winners of a free trip to GE’s “Lighting Institute” were given to Kacie Stigliano for “Rhythms” and Sungbin Ma for “The Sound of Glitz”, both Lighting Design students at Parsons.

It was an inspiring and, (dare we say?), brilliant variety of submissions for the 2009 competition. We can expect great things to come of these bright young designers.


First place winner Hye Yeun Lee’s “Subway Sound”


Second place winner Ching-Yu Lin’s “Hey! It’s a Party”


Third place winner Young Taek Oh & Sukmo Koo’s “Make It Rain-Rain Box”

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