Tony Duquette—An Enchanted Vision in the Baker, Knapp & Tubbs Showroom

By nancy


Fashion Group International hosted a presentation in the Baker, Knapp & Tubbs showroom at 200 Lexington Ave. celebrating the extraordinary style and achievements of design legend Tony Duquette.  The presentation was given by California designer Hutton Wilkinson, lifelong friend and business partner of the late Duquette, and president of the Anthony and Elizabeth Duquette Foundation. Wilkinson also signed copies of the recently released “Tony Duquette: Inspirations & Achievements” which he co-wrote with noted design journalist Wendy Goodman.  

Duquette achieved international prominence through a variety of artistic projects which showcased his multi-disciplinary genius and talent. A larger than life icon of the 20th century art world, Duquette was a true Renaissance Man who earned kudos in interior, furniture, jewelry, stage and costume design projects. His expertise was sought after by renowned design professionals, inspired by his unique vision, refreshing disregard for convention and lavish baroque mystique. His too gorgeous and clever to be kitschy Hollywood look catapulted him to an illustrious 40 year career filled with world-wide recognition and fame.

With the Baker creative team, Wilkinson designed the Selected Works by Tony Duquette Collection. This must-see 19 piece assortment of select reproductions includes furniture, lighting and accessories with drama and personality to spare.  From the Sunburst Torchere to the Elsie Tabouret, each expertly handcrafted piece has a rich and unique history, which will fascinate design afficianados and novices alike.  Duquette’s inimitably elegant more is more style is worth exploring while its on display at the Baker showroom in NYC.





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