NYIGF Goes Green

By Matthew


As if trade shows weren’t enough work already, designer Joey Roth has decided to make his booth entirely out of discarded materials at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF). With the challenge of making a sustainable booth, Roth has decided to build his space using only material other deems as trash from the two day set-up period, whether that be mismatched carpet leftovers, and uneven plywood. This up and coming designer made his debut at NYIGF in January, where he was selected for the “A+: The Young Designer’s Platform,” part of “Accent on Design.” This season Roth will launch two new products at NYIGF, teacups to go with his chic teapot, and a speaker system made from teak, porcelain and cork. Roth is an innovative designer, who I am certain has many great ideas as to how he will accomplish this feat, and hopefully his desire to great a green booth will provide him the drive it will take to achieve.


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