Pioneers of Change

By kristin


Governor’s Island has played many roles over the years – from U.S. Army post to Coast Guard base to tourist destination and public park. But none of these incarnations would have been possible without the arrival of the Dutch 400 years ago. Paying homage to this first crop of New York settlers, Renny Ramakers (a pioneer in his own right as the co-founder and director of Droog) has developed an experience that celebrates this Dutch-American history.

The festivities will kick off with “Open Talks,” a two-part discussion moderated by Dutch and American designers and architects, and will continue in and around the eleven Commanding Officer houses at Nolan Park.  The topics include “Towards a New Notion of Luxury” and “New Collaborations.”

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a two weekends long event, which puts the Netherlands back on the New York map with one of the largest ever tributes to Dutch design, fashion and architecture.

When: Open Talks – September 10, 5:00-7:00PM, Festival: September 11-13 and 18-20, 2009

Where: Governor’s Island, New York



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