Art in the streets of Brotherly Love

By kristin


If you’ve ever visited the City of Brotherly Love, then you know how creativity flows freely in the streets. Whether in the form of mosaic, graffiti or musical performance, public displays of art are as ubiquitous as cheesesteaks. As DesignPhiladelphia drawers near, the show organizers are inviting artists, designers, and anyone with an inkling of creativity to help design and build TAZtetris – a “Temporary Autonomous Zone” event and space in the city. During the festival, this urban free space concept will transform a series of open lots (they actually have those in Philadelphia) into an interactive performance space.

Sounds a bit vague? We definitely think so, but an absence of rules and expectations often leads to a spectacular manifestation of creativity. If you’re interested in helping to design, build, or inhabit TAZtetris, contact Stay posted for a more in-depth look at DesignPhiladelphia (Oct 7-13) in the days to follow.

philly mosaic

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