How Does Passion Feel Way Beyond the Moon

By danielle


Like you, the title of the art/photography exhibit caught our attention immediately.  On display at STK in the Meatpacking District, it featured paintings from Brendan Murphy and the dynamic photography of Amber Arbucci.  Both artists’ works incorporates elements such as physical expression, nature, light and shadows, creating multi-faceted messages in each piece.

The exhibit was the first in a series of fall showings held in various cities around the world.  They are meant to inspire dialogue about topics such as love, bliss/exhilaration, loathing, sadness, rage, calculation/confusion and internal reasoning.

We’re posting a few images to peak your interest and encourage you to attend one of the upcoming exhibits.

photography by Amber Arbucci

Photography by Amber Arbucci

Painting by Brendan Murphy

Painting by Brendan Murphy

Artists: Brendan Murphy and Amber Arbucci

The Artists: Brendan Murphy and Amber Arbucci

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