The Net-Zero Energy Buildings Conference II: Technologies, Materials, and Systems for Getting to Zero

By danielle


As our industry takes great strides to “green the planet,” there are many issues that still need to be addressed and understood.  Take net-zero energy buildings for instance.  They are necessary and technically possible, yet because of cost and the technical sophistication required, few buildings have received this exalted status. The question was raised, “How do architects, engineers and building designers improve their understanding of the issues and technologies necessary to get to zero?”  Since education is the key to success, we think one good place to start is at Architectural Record and GreenSource’s Innovation Conference.  Industry leaders including Dr. Colin Harrison, director of corporate strategy for IBM and Helmut Jahn, FAIA, will use tangible and hypothetical case studies of intelligent buildings to demonstrate their operational systems and discuss various sustainable strategies. Other speakers include materials scientists working on technical developments in sustainability and mechanical engineers who are on the cutting edge of the net-zero energy building movement. The two-day session contributes towards 7 HSW/SD AIA Continuing Education Credits.


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