M2L Supports Empowering Design

By danielle


M2L, a distributor of authorized and licensed modern design from Europe, is a proud sponsor of Empowering Design. Organized by IDLNY (Interior Designers for Legislation in New York) the event is aimed at raising awareness of the professional practice of interior designers in the state of New York.

M2L is pleased to support the IDLNY and its founder Ruth Lynford in the advocacy mission. M2L founder Michael Manes, is an activist for designers rights and intellectual property.  He has been presenting modern design to the American architectural and design community for 35 years, and for 20 years he has been a strong advocate of the legal, professional and ethical recognition of authenticity in modern design.  In fact, Manes is also working in collaboration with Lynford and students of 4-year accredited interior design schools to address the issue of Genuine Design and extend intellectual property rights to include furniture designers as well.

The gala/party will be held tomorrow (10/20) from 6:30-9:30pm at the Museum of Arts and Design. Tickets to tomorrow evening’s event can be purchased at http://empoweringdesignidlny.weebly.com.

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