citySCENE New York

By kristin


I attended Hospitality Design‘s citySCENE last night at the beautiful 1OAK in Chelsea (NYC). Geared towards the “40-ish and under crowd,” citySCENE has been making its way across the country, giving the next generation of designers and architects the chance to hob knob with colleaugues, manufacturers, and the sweethearts at HD. Last night’s soiree was the second to last stop and the guest list read like a nominee list for the Gold Key Award, with members of Wilson Associates, BBG-BBGM, and Studio Gaia at every turn. As long as you’re not shy of networking (or of asking the bartender for a little liquid courage), citySCENE is a great way to meet other young designers and the teams behind some of the biggest projects in the hospitality industry.


Plant Specialists: designer Jackie Togneri and founder Dagny DuVal


Jeannine Durfee and Tiena Ruebens (Royal Botania) with Erica Slaw (BBG-BBGM)

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