SAVANT: The Ultimate Marriage of Technology and Design

By danielle


Techies and design aficianados – have we got news for you! Today, the Savant NYC Experience Center, designed by Thom Filicia, officially opens. Located at 88 Prince Street (Floor 2), it is a state-of-the-art virtual experience center with an interior fit for a king. We got a sneak peak and private tour at last night’s preview party and can tell you that it is like nothing we’ve seen before. The Savant System features the first Apple-based control and automation solution unifying audio, video, lighting, security, climate, communications, internet into one seamless experience. Talk about impressive, we watched as our guide, Savant Co-Founder Jim Carroll, turned on the lights in his Massachussets home office from his iPhone.

We toured each well-designed zone of the new space – from the living room to the home office to the bedroom – many of which contained pieces from Thom Filicia’s own collections. From the topography-inspired rug to a table with wood and interwoven straps of leather, Filicia’s design sensibility is both chic and organic. We were also particularly impressed with the automated design. The glass doors leading to the bathroom and closets doubled as projection screens. And the alarm clock…well if you are like me and have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, the alarm clock application, which was converted from an apple widget, is imperative. After the first snooze, the lights turn on; the second, the TV; then finally, the shades open.

In addition to this amazing permanent showroom, Savant has approximately 50-80 dealers in the NY tri-state region. The lowest end solution starts at $5,000 and includes eight zones – certainly plenty for a NYC apartment. The brand-new Experience Center features 6 projectors, 10 TVS and 18 zones of audio.

Sure Carroll’s background in telecommunications is important, but he also credited his wife for this innovative system. After retiring at a young age, she told him that he had to get back into the workforce, at least for a few hours out of the day. Little did she know that her advice would result in eight years and 100+ hours of work per week. To Jim and his partner Bob Madonna – it looks like the hard work paid off. Congratulations on a job well done!

The Living Room of the Savant Experience Center

The Living Room of the Savant Experience Center

Designer Thom Felicia

Dovanna Pagowski, Thom Filicia and Christopher Flach

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