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From balcony to show floor, the Blu Dot store on Wooster Street was brimming with designers, employees and patrons to take part in a “real good party” last night. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits (and I don’t think it was just the Blueberry vodka) to celebrate the premiere of the Real Good Experiment documentary and the one year anniversary of Blu Dot ‘s arrival in SoHo.

If you’re not familiar with Blu Dot’s stunt last month, it was an interesting experiment on social design and “curb-mining” in New York. The company dispersed 25 of their Real Good Chairs around the city – placing some near trash cans and others in slightly more inconspicuous places. Many of the chairs were also GPS-enabled, which allowed Blu Dot to track down the unsuspecting participants in a Candid Camera-style follow-up.

Coming from a city where resourcefulness is key to maintain an expensive lifestyle even if you don’t have the funds, it was definitely an interesting video to watch. It was also a reflection on the company’s mission of bringing good design to as many people as possible. In this case, a few lucky passers-by happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive the gift of high design.

You can watch the Real Good Experiment in real time here.

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