Holiday Gift Sale

By danielle


What: Holiday Gifts at Modest Price Points

When: December 17-19, 2009

Where: 41 Union Square, Suite 912 (Corner of 17th and Broadway)

Who: Orange Howell–classically inspired holiday ornaments; Sylvie Pillows–pillows; Mary Jaeger Textiles–wraps & tee; Carpenter & Company–totes & accessories; Berton Goods–imaginative items; OWB/Sheila Mayer–gifts & embellishments for knitters & DIYers; Joanne Dugan Photography–limited edition prints; Vera-ppropriate et. al/Greg Baron–vintage scarves; Accents for Today/Amanda Bosca–Zimbabwe beaded figures & craft; Anastasia VanderKloot, handmade dolls & pillows

Why: Cause most of us are still missing a present (or two) for someone on the list.

Sylvie Pillows

Sylvie Pillows

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