I.D. 1954-2010: The Wake

By kristin


On Tuesday night I joined the cognoscenti of the design world in collectively mourning the loss of I.D. Magazine. It was hosted by the many key players that oversaw its impressive 55-year run including I.D.’s first “official” editor Jane Thompson, former design director Luke Hayman, Tucker Viemeister, Micheal Beirut and editors Richard Caplan, Chee Pearlman, Julie Lasky and Jesse Ashlock. Assembled in a carefully chosen venue – The Half King in New York is owned by writers – the crowd was filled with journalists, designers and others wishing to show their support for the outlet that created the term “industrial design.”

With the sort of nostalgia only seen at reunions, the staff at Metropolis Magazine and Architect’s Newspaper traded anecdotes with familiar faces from Met Home and Domino while inspecting the bar’s walls adorned in I.D.’s iconic covers. Although the cause of death is rather nebulous – whether brand identity, the onset of digital media or lack of advertising dollars – the mood of the event was still hopeful. Change is inevitable and as Jesse Ashlock quoted Buckminster Fuller in his farewell note, “How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.”

I.D. covers from the past

Amber Bravo and Geoff Halber (both former Dwell employees)

Kimberley Oliver and Marlene Cimicato Capron

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