Help Rebuild Haiti with Architecture for Humanity

By kristin


Photograph by Lisandro Suero (AFP/Getty Images)

By now, most of you should know about the devastating earthquake that ripped through the impoverished nation of Haiti yesterday. Reaching a magnitude of 7, followed by 30 major aftershocks, it was the strongest earthquake to hit the region in nearly 200 years. Since the epicenter was roughly 10 miles from the country’s capital of Port-au-Prince, countless buildings have collapsed including schools, hotels and local UN headquarters.

For those of you who care about “building back better”, please consider donating to Architecture for Humanity. They understand that design matters and are focused on the reconstruction phase in post disaster situations. Not only do they provide manual labor and support in the building of new earthquake resistant structures, but they also allocate 88% of donations directly to construction and design costs.

To donate now, visit:

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