Out of Africa: Amy Lau and Maya Romanoff at Bergdorf Goodman

By natalie


Exciting things are going on at Bergdorf Goodman’s home decor space on the seventh floor. Two well-known names in the interior design world, Amy Lau and Maya Romanoff, have collaborated on a couture interior space that invokes the exotic palette of Africa. To celebrate the fascinating culture, art and inspiration of Africa, Bergdorf Goodman asked NY based Designer Amy Lau to curate their seventh floor and to create an innovative couture environment. Lau has re-imagined the designs of iconic artist and designer Maya Romanoff, in honor of the Romanoff company’s 40th anniversary. Their tie-dye wallpaper enhances the African theme, beautifully highlighting the merchandise selected by Bergdorf Goodman’s Creative Sales Director, Nicholas Manville. Maya Romanoff’s first ever retail collection of throws and pillows, re-imagined by Amy Lau, is now also exclusively available at Bergdorf Goodman.

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