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My recent hiatus as a calendar girl has been due to my new role as a South American adventurer as I currently study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Buenos Aires is a city filled with great people, fashion, food (when they say the have the best steak they mean it), architecture and art. While exploring the cobblestone streets and grand avenues that make up this city I kept noticing surges of color. Big bold splashes of paint that made up vibrant murals on everything from a bus stop to the side of an apartment building. It turns out I’m not the only person who has noticed the phenomenon of street art which is turning Buenos Aires into a walking gallery. Graffiti Mundo is a 2 1/2 hour twice-weekly walking tour of Buenos Aires street art. The tour teaches you the style and technique of the different artists as well as the reasons behind their work. Sharing the stories of the men and women who create these public works of the art, the tour is a must for anyone traveling to Buenos Aires. As a bonus, a local artist will accompany you on the tour and if you’re lucky (as I was) a sudden surge of inspiration may hit and an impromptu stencil of a zebra might just get sprayed onto what was once a barren wall.

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