The Sicis and New York Spaces ICFF Bash

By Matthew


May 17 – SoHO Night of ICFF. Design-Calendar was lucky enough to swipe an invite to a fabulous party hosted by New York Spaces and Sicis. We popped in for a drink and some dancing. ┬áIt was the ultimate design scene…. with more than 300 people weaving through the gorgeous four story Sicis Showroom on 470 Broome street. Beautiful tile mosaics surrounded the beautiful crowd as they sipped cocktails and mingled with fellow attendees, fans and customers. To add to the theatrics, our hosts for the evening raffled off three tickets for off-Broadway shows. It was clear from the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses between enthusiastic conversation that it was a fun-filled night for all. The party definitely measured up to the high standards of design set by the ICFF and we can’t wait for the next one!

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