Major Eggcitement at ABC Carpet & Home

By Matthew


The egg has symbolized many things, from fertility to a bizarre fascination of Sigmund Freud’s, and on to inspire Arne Jacobsen’s legendary Egg chair. Recently it drew the attention of renowned Israeli artist Tal R in his tribute to Arne Jacobsen’s iconic designs. Tal R has used fabrics from all over the world to piece together these patchwork eggs and he has given them names from Freud’s writings. The exhibition is at ABC Carpet & Home here in New York until May 31st. To add to the worldliness of the eggs they have already stopped by Milan, Brisbane, Seoul, Tokyo, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, along with many other design capitals. Pop in to experience the uniqueness of each and every egg and be sure to sneak in some browsing time at ABC Carpet & Home.

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