Capitol Pecha Kucha Take 12 at M2L

By kristin


While we were taking a breather from the long distance marathon of New York Design Week, sisters Bita and Rouzita Vahhabaghai (co-founders of ita-design) were busy coordinating the latest installment of Capitol Pecha Kucha down in DC. Daniel Schwartz (of Daniel Schwartz Photography) was kind enough to share his visual snapshots with us that proved that M2L was the place to be on May 20th. Designers and partygoers lined up along the cobblestone streets of Cady’s Alley ready to be mystified by a unique mix of presenters including a writer of fashion crime mysteries, an organizer of pillow fights, a floating museum curator, a tactile dinner planner and more. For more information about Pecha Kucha, visit

Guests lining up outside of M2L's DC showroom

Event organizers Rouzita and Bita Vahhabaghai with Narcisse Garzan (of M2L)

Bruce Witzenburg, Head Prankster at Capitol Improv Group

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