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Today’s society is becoming more and more revolved around technology, which has led to the increase in mass production and the need for the “next big thing.”  With so many consumers having exact copies of the same products, people have become more interested in creativity and obtaining the ability to create something no one else has. The lines between consumers and designers have been blurred and more people are looking for new ways to personalize design and increase their sense of individuality. Enter TechnoCRAFT, industrial designer Yves Béhar’s design exhibition that will be making its debut in San Francisco this July at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

This major exhibit will display the current progression of consumers and designers while showing various examples of personalized design. Béhar has certainly done his research, 18 months of it to be exact, in which he studied craftsmen ranging from the everyday person to the very tech-savvy entrepreneur; all people interested in the enhancement of the individualized marketplace  His findings gave him the idea to separate his exhibition into six themes: Crowdsourcing, Platforms, Blueprints, Hacks, Incompletes and Modules. Each of these six categories uses their own specific technique to enable consumers to contribute to the uniqueness of their product.

There is no doubt that social and technological trends have added to the opportunities people have to become more creative. As seen currently, and definitely more in the future, innovative products will lead to a new way of selling.

Aside from showcasing different customizable products, TechnoCRAFT will also play videos demonstrating the various companies’ design processes. An opening performance featuring the Marijn van der Poll DO CHAIRS for Droog among others will provide an up-close display of products shown at the exhibit. If you’re in San Francisco between July 10 and October 3, check out Béhar’s show to see how design is changing for yourself.

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