Tivoli’s Global Design Challenge

By Matthew


In conjunction with Tivoli Audio’s 10th Anniversary they are hosting the Global Design Challenge. Designers, illustrators and photographers are invited to design a poster using their medium of choice and enter to win three cash prizes. The first place poster will also be on a billboard in Times Square and be seen my millions. These exclusive table radios, which hold sophisticated and modern design to high esteem, are sure to encourage some unique posters that evoke the exquisiteness of the radios. For more information visit Tivoli Audio or Designboom.com. If you are enthused by Tivoli then pick up a pen, some paintbrushes or open up Photoshop and put together a poster that includes the new Tivoli Audio model 10 and the Tivoli Audio logo that shows just how you are inspired! And for those of us that are not quite as creative keep an eye out for the winning poster in Times Square.

Tivoli Audio Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Radio

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