David stark gets cheeky with it

By kristin


Have you seen photos of the Global Volatility Summit? Let me rephrase that: Have you even heard of it? Except in the off-chance that you’ve made a living by selling derivatives (and if you’re reading this blog, my guess would be no), which is why it was quite a surprise to get a sneak peek via David Stark of the suspicious first annual gathering of global hedge fund companies.

Held on a vacant floor of 7 World Trade Center (how appropriate!), David Stark & co. was tasked with designing the space to cater to a gaggle of megalomaniacs. Being a bit of a prankster, Stark did what any self-respecting creative would do: Use the commission to design a tongue-and-cheek display. Using every letter of the word “volatility,” they created ten sculptures that act out a different scene of danger. I hope the Wall Street guys have a sense of humor! Here’s a little taste of the letter “T”:

To see the whole set-up, visit David Stark’s Sketchbook blog.

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