Take a Seat!

By Matthew


Since I’m back in Norway for a few weeks, I thought I’d pretend to be a tourist and really explore Oslo. Braving through the pouring rain, I made it to the Take a Seat! exhibition that is currently being shown at the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo. The exhibit showcases Norwegian chair and other seating furniture designs from the past few decades, demonstrating how Norway has become such a big name within the industry recently. Although the exhibition was not shown chronologically, the progress from the 50s and 60s to today’s chairs was clear. Iconic chairs such as Peter Opsvik’s Tripp Trapp Chair for children were present, which famously revolutionized children’s seating, as well as the ultra modern and stylish Ugo sofa by Norway Says. The bright red Ugo is the first to meet the eye as you enter the show, and the length of the room is filled with a rainbow of plush chairs, demonstrating some designers move away from the more traditional wood furniture. Similarly to the more conventional seating, however, the shapes contain an organic feel that ties the design to Norwegian’s strong relationship with nature. The bond with the environment is also connected to the recent focus on green and sustainable design, which was at the core when Tveit & Tornøe designed the Bone chair with its simple and elegant lines. Throughout the show the concept of functionality combines seamlessly with aesthetic, whether through the use of the more traditional wood or contemporary Plexiglas, or both. “Form follows emotion,” said one of the Norway Says founders, and this is truly represented here through stunning and innovative Norwegian design.

First and Second Generation Tripp Trapp by Peter Opsvik

Ugo Sofa by Norway Says

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