Lucas Maassen’s Beautiful Mind

By danielle


The brainy and prolific furniture designer Lucas Maassen’s exhibit opening and book launch will take place on Friday Sept. 10 @ CITE Showroom/New York (6-8 pm) and concurrently @ Onomatopee Projects/Eindhoven, the Netherlands (8 pm). Cleverly entitled, Conceivably The Object Is What it Seems, the exhibition will continue in New York until October 10, while in Eindhoven, they’ll be celebrating until October 31.

This exciting collaboration between Onomatopee Projects and CITE pays homage to the work of Maassen, as cerebral as it is functional. Maassen’s work has been featured throughout Europe, as well as at MoMA. Key to his creations is a process of validation through perception, he is the geek’s ideal designer, as each aspect of his artistic and technical process involves playing with scientific rules and overturning conventions.

Maassen’s first design prank took place in 2002, while he was still a student. He listed dollhouse chairs for sale on Ebay, without mentioning their scale or true nature. For those who bid on the items, they became real furniture. This fascination with scale led to his 2003 graduation work “sitting chairs”, a tableau vivant featuring an animistic family of chairs. Small changes in the convention of chairs granted them life, mainly the removal of rear legs and sometimes the addition of feet, arms and hands. Some were conventionally-sized, others were toy-sized.

Maassen’s creative muse has continued to be physics and math. He has included the concepts of gravity, 3 D vision, microscopic vision, alternate reality, and the focus electron beam.

Where: CITE Showroom, 131 Greene Street, NYC / Onomatopee Projects, Bleekstraat 23, Eindhoven

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