What’s New What’s Next with Barclay Butera

By danielle


It’s 5:14pm and Barclay Butera’s session just wrapped up. What a great talk with a showroom full of architects and designers. In between tweeting for Kravet and posting on typepad, I managed to snap a few photos and listen in on what he had to say about this work and his design career. He’s got it all – retail, great clients and amazing manufacturing partners. ¬†You know why? He cares! One thing that I loved was when he encouraged the crowd to “remember your client’s children’s birthdays and to send the family holiday cards.” It’s those little extras that go a long way and what has made him so successful. He mentioned that he is working on some new color books for Kravet. And his next book is about entertaining – indoor/outdoor design!

Now it’s off to see what What’s New, What’s Next throughout the building!

Ann Maine, EIC Traditional Home, Lisa Kravet and Barclay Butera

The crowd was literally out the door!

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