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Last week at the Hafele New York Showroom, Rusk Renovations hosted a virtual throwdown between kitchen design dynamo Florence Perchuk and visiting New Orleans Chef from Cochon, Stephen Stryjewski.

In front of a packed house, the petite Perchuk and staggering Stryjewski duked it out, each jabbing thoughts about the do’s and don’ts of kitchen design and offering tips in how to model spaces after residential and commercial environs. Each round was devoted to specific topics, storage, appliances, living, cooking with the CEO John Rusk serving as a referee moderator. Guests were wowed by the fighters as well as by the use of hydraulics for cabinet doors, height adjustable counter tops, hidden appliances and other innovations offered at Hafele and showing in projects completed by Rusk Renovations, one the city’s leading residential contractors.

In addition to being marveled by the gorgeous showroom and Hafele hardware, sliding doors and accessories, the food and drink were a major evening highlight. Delectables included fight night peanuts, boudin sausages, deviled crab meat, fried pork rinds, a variety of home made pickles and charcuterie, Cochon’s own mustard along with the “Swinekiller” signature cocktail made with gin, fresh limeade and rhubarb bitters.

Rusk Renovations owners John Rusk and Mary Kocy stand with John Risch, Business and Showroom Manager, Hafele New York.

In the end, it was hard to determine the evening’s real winner. One of the most insightful comments came from Ms. Perchuk who said that, “the kitchen is truly the most important room in the house, as it represents food, which, in truth symbolizes love.”

This post was written by guest blogger, Carol VanderKloot. All photos are courtesy of Dustin Pittman:

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