Interior Design’s Hall of Fame

By eva


Interior Design magazine is gearing up for their biggest event of the season, the 26th annual Hall of Fame gala and this year’s inductees are as much varied, as they are talented. The inductees include Shigeru Ban of Shigeru Ban Architects, Neil Denari of Neil M. Denari Architects and designer Karim Rashid. Each inductee brings their own unique element to this year’s award show. Tokyo- born Shigeru Ban has dedicated his immense knowledge and skills for disaster relief projects as a consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner. Neil Denari is an equally talented architect that explores the technical and formal impact of technology on architecture and just recently had one of his drawings purchased by the Cooper Hewitt Museum. As one of the most innovative and prolific designers of our current generation, Karin Rashid, is also celebrated this year for his work all over the world that highlights the importance of design in everyday life. In addition to the three hall of fame honorees Interior Design is introducing one more award for the Design Icon. The first Design Icon is being awarded to the former editor of Architectural Digest, Paige Rense. Everyone honored at this year’s Hall of Fame gala have made significant impacts on the world of design and architecture. We can’t wait to raise a glass to them and celebrate the contributions they have made to our industry.

Shigeru Ban, Neil Denari, Karim Rashid, Paige Rense

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