Hong Kong Design Centre Honors Eric Chan

By eva


The very talented founder and director of the New York consultancy firm, ECCO Design, Eric Chan was recently bestowed with the World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer award from the Hong Kong Design Centre. Chan explains the personal significance of receiving this award, “Creating product that is meaningful, responsive and imparts a sense of cultural relevancy are personal priorities. My journey from China to the United States has been rich and fulfilling over the last 30 years and this award embraces these aspirations fully. I am truly grateful to be recognized in such a meaningful way.” Eric Chan is also the author of the newly published, 1,000 Product Designs, which happens to be our current product bible, We raise our glasses to Mr. Chan and congratulate him as well as all of the creative people working at ECCO Design for this prestigious award of international achievement.

Mr. Chan receiving his award

1,000 Product Designs

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