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Not really sure if we can classify this as an event per se, but every once in a while we see something just so cool that we can’t help but tell the whole world.  Interior designer, and fellow Brooklynite, Fiyel Levent (check out her work here) recently received a prestigious Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant from the Center for Architecture Foundation of the AIA New York Chapter.

That was a mouthful – I can’t even imagine the application process – but after much tying of tongues Ms. Levent will use the grant to undertake a two-month long architectural survey of the Silk Road.  For those of you who ignored history and majored in something practical, unlike myself, the Silk Road was not a literal thoroughfare, but rather a complex trade network that connected the Eastern and Western worlds (and everything in-between) for centuries.  Far from the mere barter of goods, the Silk Road was a crucible for a cultural exchange of ideas regarding art, religion, philosophy, and of course architecture.

Wasn’t that enlightening?  Now you can talk about something other than the weather at dinner tonight.

Fiyel Levent has good reason to smile.

Ms. Levent will begin her trip in St. Petersburg, trek across central Asia and Eastern China and end her voyage in Shanghai.  She plans to focus her study on Islamic influences in architecture and design: the same influences that inspire much of her own work.  I, for one, can’t wait to see the results.

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