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By danielle


I slept a lot, but on my 8-hr flight back from Germany this morning, I kept my eyes open long enough to watch The Social Network. In less than a decade, Facebook has changed the way we connect and communicate on both a personal and professional level. Now the site has over 500 million active users and more than 30 billion pieces of content shared each month.

This social network was the theme of the 32nd Annual Interiors Awards Breakfast hosted by Contract magazine. The program, moderated by Jennifer Busch, was centered around the growth of social media and the affects of generation Y on the design industry. Clever one-liners led to films featuring each of the winning projects, which included: Atlas Architecture, The Bommarito Group, Centerbrook Architects, Clive Wilkinson Architects, Clodagh Design, Giorgio Borruso Design, IwamotoScott Architecture, KMS Team, Kris Lin Interior Design, STUDIOS Architecture, Triz Arte, ZGF Architects and student designers Jamie Morin and Kyung-Eun Kim from Iowa State University.  Even the 2011 Designers of the Year have a tie into Facebook.  Founded by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, the San Francisco-based practice studio o+a created the corporate interiors of the Facebook offices.  Although they were not consulted for the set of the movie, their open design reflects the company’s youthful, energetic staff. The facility also was the first commercial projects completed under Palo Alto’s Green Building Ordinance. There are lots of fabulous photos of the facility and more on the Designers of the Year inside the Jan/Feb issue of Contract.

The issue features in-depth stories on each of the winning projects as well as an 8-page spread on the 2011 Legend Award Winner Eva Maddox. With over 100 awards for her work and more than millions of square feet of contract, commercial and institutional projects under her belt, let’s just call her the Zuckerberg of design.

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