Lonely in milan? Why not meet some projects?

By jesse


For those of you fortunate enough to find yourselves in Milan this Spring, Design-Calendar has good news (and some very jealous editors).  This April 12-17 marks Milan Design Week, and the already design-obsessed city will take it to another level.

The highlight promises to be Meet My Project.  The traveling design show previously set up shop in Paris and will bring the same flair to North Italty.  Eighteen exhibitors from nine countries will participate in this year’s event, giving it true international flair.    The presentation will feature an in depth look behind the scenes of the creative process, from the first inklings of an idea through to completion.   The multi-media exhibition will feature prototypes, scale models, videos and more to show the branching choices every designer makes in any project’s evolution to a finished product.

Meet My Project promises to appeal to everyone from curious design neophytes to seasoned veterans, and if you happen to find yourself in Milan you owe it to yourself to first thank your lucky stars, and then check out this amazing international event.  The presentation will be held at the Galleria Grosetti, via di Porta Tenaglia 1/3 – right around the corner from the Moscova metro stop.

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