Design This! Design That!

By Lauren Hill


Pair an architect and design expert with a knowledge hungry student and you get….. well we can’t tell you because it’s a secret!

The IIDA New York Chapter is launching its First Annual Design This! event following a successful Annual Speed Mentoring (ASM) Event where Interior Design and Architecture professionals team up with NY design students to create winning designs. The Design This! event will host the original pairs at the ASM event to design a ‘secret product’.

Taking the idea from the “Iron Chef” himself, the program is inspired by the TV show where a ‘secret ingredient’ starts the show’s cook-off. The student/designer teams will design and present their concepts to a panel of industry judges and the last one standing will be prototyped by the sponsor, Water Designs, a local Brooklyn-based manufacturer who just might develop the product!

Invitation only will get you into Design This! at the Izzy+ Showroom in NYC on Thursday, March 31. For those who participated in the 2010 Annual Speed Mentoring Event, registration opens March 7th.

As the future for the design industry, students not only receive professional design advice, but they also get the chance to expand their imagination and produce a prototype that will assist them in their career growth. And there’s no secret to that.  🙂

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