120 Hours of Design

By Matthew


What better way to make an architecture and design competition for students than by students? Well that is exactly what a group of architecture scholars at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design have done! And that’s just the beginning of their innovation.

Last fall, after a beer or two, a group of aspiring architects were complaining about how few opportunities there are for A&D students to showcase their work and gain recognition. Maybe it was the frustration, maybe it was the beer, but in the end they decided what was missing was an initiative by students, for students – and so the idea of a competition was born.

These avid learners quickly realized that just any old competition wouldn’t do, they needed an interactive and contemporary idea that would spark the interest of their fellow students. After countless hours of head scratching and brain storming, head storming and even brain scratching, the gang had developed their competition concept. So here is the low down:

Dates: March 21st to 26th – 120 hours

Deadline for sign-up: March 18th @ 6:59PM Eastern Time

Assignment release: March 21st @ 9AM Easter Time

Deadline: March 26th @ 9AM Eastern Time

Winner selection: April 1st

So this means you have to sign up by Friday March 18th. On the morning of Monday March 21st the assignment will be released to everyone who has registered, whether as a team or individual, and you’ll have exactly 120 hours to complete your design concept. The 120 hours are sure to be filled with an array of emotional and physical challenges, with the deadline moving closer every second, but the pressure is certain to bring out some unbelievable ideas and motivation in the contestants.

So for any of you A&D students or aficionados out there check out this amazing opportunity to have your creativity and originality truly appreciated. And the opportunity for a prize doesn’t hurt either! We are certainly excited to see the outcome of this unique and inventive competition!

Check it out here!

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