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Last night marked the launch of CUTS/// – a new apparel collaboration between clothing brand JF & Son, designer Kevin McElroy and NYDesigns. Friends and fashionistas came together to celebrate not only a new collection of clothing, accessories and jewelry, but also to witness the potential of laser-cutting as a revolutionary new tool for the fashion industry.

A laser-cutter uses concentrated light to slice flat materials along precise digital contours. Though it has become an expensive but coveted toy in some furniture and jewelry studios, where ornate details are hard to accomplish by hand, laser-cutting is relatively unheard of in fashion. Enter: Kevin McElroy.

A graduate of Pratt and an accomplished industrial designer – attached to such award-winning products as the Urbano wastebasket and SMIT’S Solar Ivy – Kevin discovered the potential for laser-cutting textiles last year at a party, of all places. Only, the event happened to be at NYDesigns’ new on-site fabrication lab, LXWXH, where they had recently invested in a laser-cutter. Giving attendees free creative reign, Kevin had the idea to laser-cut a scarf… Shortly after, CUTS/// was born.

JF & Son provided Kevin with a collection of materials ranging from linen to leather. (It was mind-blowing to see a laser-cut silk blouse!) Using light as both tool and inspiration, arrangements of shapes were cut away from fabric, which created unique drape and texture.

According to JF & Son: “When we received the cuts from Kevin, our challenge was to work with them into wearable silhouettes. We were surprised to find the process identical to working with hand embellishment; we saw the cuts as we would a bead, and we created CAD drawings and mapped the geometric shapes within those specs.”

See the pieces from the first CUTS/// collection in person at JF & Son’s new store location: 56 University Place at the corner of 10th Street (NYC).

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