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Italian furniture is part of a tradition that stretches back generations, but part of what allowed that tradition to flourish is the willingness to adapt and embrace new technology.  San Francisco based tech-innovator Jawbone is bringing some of its cutting edge wireless technology to the Milan Furniture Fair this April, and plans to use its revolutionary Bluetooth speaker the Jambox to create JamScape: a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience blending audio and design

The Jambox itself was developed in collaboration with renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar and his creative agency fuseproject.  The speaker’s brick shape lends itself perfectly to JamScape’s goal of creating a tangible, provocative, and social audio experience.  Jamboxes will be used as building blocks to create powerful shapes that are complimented by the unique audioscape they create.  Sponsored by our friends at Dezeen, the space promises to impress.  The creators of this acoustic space have also promised some additional surprises, so be sure to check out this thoroughly original exhibition to see how design can think outside the box, so to speak, to create pieces that do more than provide aesthetic beauty, but stimulate our other senses as well.

You can visit JamScape April 12-17, 10 am to 8 pm at Pianissimo Grande, Via Giovanni Ventura 5, Milan.

A preview of JamScape

The Jambox Shows its Colors

Small Jambox, Big Sound.

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