Turkish Delight

By jesse


Good afternoon, weary design travelers.  Hopefully you have fully recovered from your Milan-induced jetlag and you’ve managed to wean yourself from the ancient Italian custom of eating your weight in pasta at every meal.  America is so backwards sometimes…

Well for those of you whose wanderlust hasn’t been fully satisfied, we bring you some more news from overseas. Global materials consultancy Material ConneXion is expanding its international presence by opening a new location in Istanbul, Turkey.  The Istanbul, not Constantinople, installation will feature the same services as Material ConneXion locations in other world cities like New York, Bangkok, Cologne, and yes, Milan.  These services include an innovative materials library, consulting services, customized materials research and product development support, as well as a wide range of programming open to the public.

This is great news for a city with an already rich architectural history.  Whether you call it Byzantium, Constantinople, or Istanbul, the city on the Bosphorus has been a cultural crossroads for centuries. Material ConneXion promises to both draw inspiration from the city’s multi-cultural past and to inspire its next generation of cultural achievements.

Material ConneXion Istanbul will be located at:

Material ConneXion Istanbul
Yapi-Endüstri Merkezi | The Building Information Centre
Fulya Mah. Yesilçimen Sok. No:12
430 Fulya / Istanbul
Tel +90 212 266 70 70
Fax +90 212 266 70 10


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