DoD Highlight: SASAKI for Japan

By guest


This year, the West Coast’s largest design event reached out beyond its California borders to promote a great humanitarian cause. Dwell on Design invited Japanese artist SASAKI to demonstrate his performance art piece, Heartbeat Drawing Project. Funds raised from the performance were donated to Architecture for Humanity‘s relief and rebuilding efforts in tsunami-ravaged Tohoku, Japan.

I found the project concept unique in the way that it engaged the audience. Participants were asked to wear a pulse monitor around a finger; their pulse was then output as audio, and SASAKI airbrushed red waves on the canvas that mimicked the rhythm of the heartbeats. Each hexagon represented three minutes of a participant’s heartbeat. What really made me love this project was that each participant was also a donor — in more ways than one. By donating their heartbeats, participants symbolically gave life to both his art and the tsunami victims. Nearly 200 people donated their heartbeats at DoD.

If you missed Dwell on Design, SASAKI will also be performing “HEARTBEAT DRAWING in VENICE” at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

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