“Building Burble Bup,” an exhibition featuring the FIGMENT/ENYA/SEAoNY City of Dreams Pavilion Competition

By kristin-h


Escape the grueling NYC heat this Friday night and attend the opening of a new fabulous exhibition, “Building Burble Bup.”  As those of you who followed the FIGMENT/ENYA/ SEAoNY City of Dreams Pavilion Competition would know, Burble Bup designed by Bittertang, was the winner of this years contest, which is now on display in Governor’s Island.  Although the front-runner of the competition will not be featured at the NYC exhibition, the show will present the full competition process, from jury deliberations to construction of Burble Bup.  Also, all finalist entries will be showcased, featuring the work of Daniel Affleck, Pablo Kohan, Christina Ciardullo, Naoimi Ocko, VAMOS Architects, and Wilkinson Blender Architecture.  The show also offers visitors the chance to view links of project websites and a Flickr page with more images of the pavilion, as well as search the many articles that have been published about the pavilion.  This exhibition will inspire creativity and imagination as you browse through the unique concepts and designs from this competition.  So on Friday, June 22, make sure to head on over to the Center of Architecture (536 LaGuardia Place, NYC) from 6 to 8pm to enjoy the show, Schmaltz Brewing Company refreshments and music by DJ Marvel.  But if your calendar is already full this weekend, don’t worry the exhibition will be open until September 16, so there is plenty of time for you to stop by!

Building Burble Bup Exhibition

Burble Bup by Bittertang

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