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Have you heard the news? Leucos, a Leucos USA brand known for its distinctive Italian contemporary hand-blown glass lighting, announced its latest designer collaboration with the beloved industrial designer Eva Zeisel. Did we mention she turns 105 this November 13!?! A self-declared “maker of useful things,” Zeisel’s upcoming collection for Leucos is her first foray in the lighting category. It will include two pendants, two wall sconces and two table lamps: one large and one small. Set to make its debut this fall, the new pieces show off her signature style and are inspired by organic forms with soft curves like those of the human body.

The lights first came to life as cutout models, a free-hand technique typical of much of Zeisel’s work. Still in its development stage, the designs are currently in the hands of Leucos’ skilled Italian artisans. Using the time-honored tradition of handcrafted Murano glass, they will transform Zeisel’s initial 2-D sketches into three-dimensional light fixtures. Her soft, sensuous design aesthetic is sure to shine brightly in her six new lights. According to Zeisel, “I always like to design at least two shapes together, so that I create a family that relates to each other. These lights are cousins.” In keeping with her purist passion, the lights will be available in a smooth, glossy white surface as well as natural earth tones. The line will include a shade-less table lamp and glowing, rounded pendants.

With this collection, Eva Zeisel joins an impressive list of Leucos luminaries. In the last half-century, the Italian lighting brand has collaborated with sixteen leading international designers, the likes of which include: Matteo Thun, Jorge Pensi, Danilo De Rossi and David Rockwell. At 104 years of age, Zeisel’s contributions to the world of design confirm her legendary status.

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