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NEW YORK, NY, August 17, 2011… Eight companies participating in Accent on Design® at the New York International Gift Fair® (NYIGF®) received “Bloggers’ Choice Awards” today for products representing “urgent, odd and delightful design.” The judges – bloggers from noted design and trend-watching sites – each selected one product, from thousands presented by some 200 exhibitors in Accent on Design.  “Innovation in product design is a hallmark of Accent on Design,” said Dorothy Belshaw, NYIGF director and GLM senior vice president. “These front line design bloggers have selected the true stand-outs among exceptionally-designed products.”

The eight bloggers, and the products each identified as the “next big thing,” are:

Heather Clawson, Habitually Chic:
Eleven Design Studio (Miami, FL) for Twoolies. “Their adorable 100% natural wool animals are completely handmade by artisans in the highlands of south Mexico. The company relies on artistic trends, materials and techniques from the regions in which they are made. Every piece is a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns that make them all one of a kind and super cute!” www.twoolies.com

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Apartment Therapy.com:
Pablo (San Francisco, CA) for The Clamp Lamp by Dana Canaan. “This is one of the simplest, most elegant and fresh designs I have seen in years. And it is practical and by using LED – it’s green.” www.pablodesigns.com 

Hollister Hovey, HollisterHovey.blogspot.com:
Mira Design Corp. / D-Torso (New York, NY) for D-Torso gigantic cardboard giraffe. “If a child ever received this die cut kit – and got to put it together and then fall asleep with this cardboard creature looking over the  bed every night – they’d be the coolest, most imaginative kid in school…the happiest. It’s a puzzle, a piece of art and totally show-stopping.” www.mirausa.com

Glen Jackson Taylor, Core77:
Caleb Siemon (Santa Ana, CA) for Growlight designed by Carmen Salazar. “As a New Yorker living in a small dark apartment, the Growlight immediately resonated. Super minimal, it solves two interior issues for the space conscious dweller at once: light and greenery. The glass planter is removable, allowing you to re-pot outside and swap out plants to change the look of commercial interiors such as restaurants and building lobbies. The light bulb is full spectrum to help the plants grow and, best of all, it’s hand made in California from materials that will last and age well.” www.calebsiemon.com

Marisa Marcantonio, stylebeat.blogspot.com:
Serene House (Sturtevant, WI) for Donut. “It is a new take on home fragrance that provides a sensory experience. Shaped like a donut, the piece releases a fragranced water vapor, has LED lights that change color and plays music from your ipod. It is a great way to unplug and escape everyday stressors. It is a modern clean design in a product that helps well being and appeals to the senses. The piece looks great, while performing a variety of functions, proving a luxurious escape.” www.serenehouse.com

Danielle McWilliams, Design-Calendar.comNATIVE UNION (Hermosa Beach, CA) for its PLAY. I love its compact playful shape and user-friendly interface. The video memo pad is a clever and more personal alternative to traditional pen and paper. What a great new way to leave a message for a friend or colleague. www.nativeunion.com

Stephanie Murg, UnBeige:
Brinca Dada (New York, NY) for Brinca Dada Blocks. “Modernist dollhouse maker Brinca Dada brings its flair for architectural fun to building blocks with a set of curvy, asymmetric wooden shapes that will inspire kids to think outside of the Lego box. ‘I wanted a set of blocks that could be rearranged and made to look like a Frank Gehry Building,’ founder and CEO Douglas Rollins told us.” www.brincadada.com

Kate Reynolds McLeod, Daily Grommet:
LO-RES LABS (Mill Valley, CA) for Paper Punk. “As a completely modern update to paper modeling kits and tangram puzzles, Paper Punk’s pop-out shapes nurture creativity and spatial thinking.  Grace is the perfect person to introduce this product line, and it will become an instant classic — a go-to gift for kids, makers, geometry and design lovers, and everyone else, too.” http://paperpunk.com.

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