França brings nature to the concrete city.

By guest


We’re so used to the gray and glass rectangles of the concrete jungle that it’s a rare and magical opportunity to get a glimpse of the real jungle, which is as opposite to the city as can be with its warm tones and organic shapes. In his second solo exhibition at R Gallery, Brazilian designer Hugo França brings the natural beauty and sensuality of the Bahia to the gridiron.

We had the pleasure of attending the opening reception of Hugo França | New Work last Wednesday evening to see the designer’s stunning new series of labor-intensive works. Each sculptural piece is a massive casulo — Portuguese for cocoon — that is hand-carved wood reclaimed from gigantic Pequi and Imbuia trees. The trees typically average 148 feet (45 meters) in height and 7 feet (2 meters) in girth.

Each piece that França designs is breathtakingly unique. Some designs highlight the natural curves of the tree’s organic forms, others open up grooves in the wood; some pieces are functional while others are purely sculptural; but every single work is meant to give a second chance to a material that is noble, yet discarded.

França’s works will be on display until November 5th. R Gallery is located at 82 Franklin Street, New York.

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