News from the Underground

By danielle


This post is brought to you by artist, designer, eco-hotelier Frank Brunelle.

Art Basel and Design Miami made their presence felt this first week of December. Are art and design converging into one big cosmic mind clash at this stage in the world? It would seem so. The art displayed at Art Basel and the designs displayed at Design Miami had a commonality in that both served practical utilitarian human needs. This is evident in seeing work by Philip Pearlstein, Picasso, Alexander Calder, and other well known artists from the 20th century with some lesser known artists but with no major movement in art in the last 40 years aside from street art – which was not represented at Art Basel. To see this you had to go to a separate venue at Winwood where new influences including graffiti and if you could call it art, the performances by the Occupy Miami group were taking place in a vibrant display of intellectual breakthroughs. That Art Basel and Design Miami coalesced into one general critical genre or so it seems is a real testament to the advances in architecture and design which have equaled if not surpassed traditional art genres. At least it seemed so to this writer.

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